Jordan Lucas keg lights artist


Meet Jordan Lucas, the artist behind the keg light creations. He loves making art, and when his friend Dave needed something done with a patch of kegs, Jordan instantly knew they could be re-purposed, refurbished or recycled and find life again as lights! Using his metal-working talents he can create whatever designs you want onto kegs into that unique, something so special art to display at your bar, party or home. Jordan started his artistic career at age 19 making sculptures by blowing glass. Creating a new relationship with metal keeps him engaged with his passions. Future designs may include combining glass craft with metalworking. Check out this article “In the Studio with Jordan Lucas”

kegs on a hill

The Materials

The original kegs, once used for a popular brewery, have found a new life as lighting decor.  Ah the stories these kegs could tell (if they talked)! As art pieces, they will have even more stories to be a part of!

Artist At Work

Jordan uses plasma cutting to create the art on the upcycled keg.  Each keg is first cut in half to make the sconce style light so it sits flush against the wall.  He works with the customer in the concept and design stages to deliver the bespoke lighting product that makes customers happy.

keg lights in a pile

Finished Products

A pile of keg lights waiting for the next stages – adding LED lighting and a wood panel backing.  Then onto their new homes.

Dave Wills


Meet Dave Wills, instigator of getting people to create new things out of old. Steeped in years of repurposing, Dave was hesitant to melt down kegs inherited from his former business, Oregon Trails Brewery. In a conversation with Jordan, they dreamed up a creative new way to give the kegs a new life. Dave is excited to be a part of this new business endeavor and looks forward to seeing the Keg Lights all over.